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Structure your Knowledge and Skillset into transferable content. Get Stared with Bossjobs to create and deliver skill transfer programs and assessments for your target audience.

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Easy & Flexible Platform to create your Content the way you want

Our LMS Platform is built to enable you to deliver your best with simple and easy-to-use features intuitively.

  • Facilitates creation of Online, Offline and Blended Course formats
  • Enables curate individual skill Transfer Course or bundling them into Course Packs
  • Integrated online tests, assignments and forums to connect with the target audience
  • Import MCQs from Question Bank and your past Video Library to create new courses in a flash

A SAAS based Platform that lets you control your content discoverability

Our Platform is a content market place designed to give the control on your content back to you.

  • Create Private/Public Course content (Limit Audience Visibility)
  • Create Unlimited Courses and Offer to Unlimited Students.
  • Track earnings, student activity and performance batch-wise for each course

Job market Integration offers insights into skills and courses that have potential

Our LMS Platform is integrated into Job Portal that gives significant opportunities to the content creators.

  • Offers insights into the Skills in Demand in the current Job Market
  • Design Course content and Assessments that can be directly connected to specific Jobs.
  • Opportunity to facilitate employability creation and earn thorough the process

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